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Tournaments are always a popular date to reunite with old acquaintances, put his fortune to the test and to take a visit to the casino. So not at November 29, 2010 in Wiesbaden casino.

Before there were many promises and the organizers were expecting a full house, but none had previously expected with such a heavy snowfall. The Mirror Smooth roads, the snow and the cold kept many previously-announced visitors from seeing the tournament as an opportunity to leave their own homes.

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The operators of online gambling in the UK, Ladbrokes, had recently said that he will provide numerous services in non-English language on its website for

If they are set in motion, has only nine deals in other languages ??and 17 currencies will accept as payment option. Back in February, the local deals of the pages are available in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak and Slovene no longer be available.

According to information from the slot sites of the company the cost of operating the sites in the above languages ??in the long run are too high. There are not enough players from these countries that use the websites of the company.